Professional Liability

For organizations principally engaged in providing advice to their customers and clients, the need to manage potential exposure has never been greater.

The Professional Liability Practice has experience in defending professionals in various fields including attorneys, real estate brokers/agents, insurance brokers/agents, home inspectors, engineers and building and design professionals, in all variety of litigated matters in state and federal courts, and agency proceedings. Such professionals are vulnerable to various claims and causes of action including negligence, breach of contract, conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty, and professional malpractice, and find themselves accused of such misfeasance or malfeasance for the first time in an otherwise sterling professional career. Such claims have consequences beyond the suit itself, and our clients need the experience, wise counsel, and holistic approach we offer and bring to every engagement.

We have counseled and defended professionals both through direct representation, and through insurers in Federal and State Court, and provide skilled representation to our clients and carriers while complying with the obligations and reporting guidelines that are expected and necessary. We combine our own experience as professionals and tenacious litigators to provide successful, cost-effective and practical legal representation that we offer and have demonstrated.