Mass Tort and Environmental Litigation

The attorneys at Salmon, Ricchezza Singer and Turchi have decades of experience in defending mass tort and environmental claims in both State and Federal Courts. We represent manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, sellers and premises owners in various types of cases involving exposure to asbestos, benzene, silica and other toxic substances. We have also represented clients in a wide range of environmental matters including oil spills and environmental cost recovery actions.

We have successfully defended hundreds of toxic and mass tort cases throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our attorneys focus on providing the best legal defense while at the same time looking for innovative ways to handle claims for our clients. We work closely with experts across a variety of fields to help our clients successfully navigate the challenges of mass tort claims.

At Salmon Ricchezza Singer and Turchi, we believe in ongoing communication with our clients to not only keep them apprised of the status of claims but to also allow us to tailor our legal strategy and representation to meet their needs on an individual basis. We utilize the latest technology and work closely with our clients and their insurance carriers to provide them the most efficient and cost efficient legal representation and counsel.