Construction Litigation

Construction litigation may involve a variety of issues ranging from catastrophic personal injuries suffered by an individual on a work site to a claim for building defects in a large scale residential development or commercial project. Whatever the issue may be, you need an attorney who understands the varied trades and is capable of communicating in a language that can sometimes be unique to the construction industry.

With millions of reported work site accidents occurring each year, construction litigation can be very complicated as it not only implicates the alleged injuries suffered by the individual, but typically also calls into question the duties and responsibilities of the various parties who each have their own individual employees, subcontractors, contracts and timetables. It also frequently involves risk shifting through indemnification provisions and additional insurance coverage. Our attorneys are well versed in the law and able to utilize that law to your advantage.

At Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi, LLP, our attorneys are fully capable of defending your interests whether you be the owner, construction manager, subcontractor, engineer or architect. We have a depth of our experience and attention to detail which allows us to successfully defend construction litigation claims. Whether you are seeking an efficient, business solution to a dispute or a meticulous and aggressive defense, our attorneys are here to assist and develop a practical and cost-effective plan to achieve your goals.