Catastrophic Claims

Our most qualified and experienced lawyers at Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi LLP are ready and equipped to perform at the very highest level of complexity and sophistication to defend and protect every type of business (from large international corporations to small closely held businesses and sole proprietors) whenever quality representation is needed for a catastrophic event or personal injury claim.

We have relationships with a portfolio of highly qualified experts in a variety of disciplines for the defense of both liability and damages associated with almost any type of high profile claim in order to fully analyze the specific risks and related exposures in question. A sampling of the types of claims that we handle at Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi LLP are as follows:

  • Gas explosions and other fires
  • Traumatic brain injuries of every type and complexity
  • Significant burns and scarring cases
  • Electrocutions and electrical contact claims
  • Spinal cord injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Construction accidents including large scale building collapses
  • Complex product liability claims, including aviation accidents
  • Multi-vehicle pile-up accidents

At Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi LLP we have the training, experience, resources, legal talent and professional maturity required to successfully litigate complex, catastrophic event or personal injury claim. We strive to always provide our clients with the legal advice necessary to make informed decisions in a timely fashion regarding not only the litigation at interest, but also any future planning needs related thereto when requested. Our attorneys have the sophistication necessary to explore a variety of solutions through different forms of litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Providing aggressive and learned representation dedicated to integrity, responsiveness, and practicality, we ensure that our clients are continuously advised of the progress of their case and all available options. Catastrophic personal injury litigation can be a long and arduous process. Should you wish to discuss a catastrophic loss with one of our experienced attorneys in this area, please contact us today for more information.