Alternative Dispute Resolution

John “Jay” Salmon is a 40 year litigation veteran who is known for his creative, practical approach to negotiations. He has been in the trenches and has seen just about every issue that comes up when litigating personal injury and property damage claims. Mr. Salmon has handled matters for a diverse group of clients. Those matters have included aviation, trucking, construction, product liability, premises liability, dram shop, negligent security, amusement and recreation, utility law, coverage, catastrophic claims and wrongful death matters. Jay is the core of the Firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution practice.

The ADR practice at Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi LLP offers the legal community and their clients the ability to efficiently resolve disputes without needing to fully expend their resources in a trial. This forum also eliminates costly ongoing discovery and post trial appeals.

In handling ADR matters, Mr. Salmon focuses on mediation which tends to be the most preferred form of resolution. When handling mediations, Mr. Salmon does not take a cookie cutter approach. There are cases which require a time investment by the parties and an opportunity for everyone to be heard. However, Mr. Salmon also recognizes that not every mediation should be conducted in the same manner. When appropriate, Mr. Salmon will cut through the formalities and colloquy in order to get to the core issues which have been holding the parties back from their ultimate resolution goal.

In his years of practice, Mr. Salmon has found that, in most cases, one or both parties do not want to know the mediator’s settlement figure and instead simply want the mediator to facilitate a settlement that both sides are willing to accept. Mr. Salmon honors these arrangements with strict confidentiality. On the other hand, when asked and agreed to by the parties, Mr. Salmon will provide his settlement value figure which sometimes has the effect of clearing the last hurdle to settlement.

While some mediators hesitate to handle binding arbitrations, Mr. Salmon welcomes matters where he is elected to serve as the binding arbitrator and to “call it like he sees it” based on the evidence presented.