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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The Firm's TBI team defends serious brain injury claims at the highest level of complexity and exposure, whether arising from claims involving products liability, construction accidents, explosions, trucking accidents, sporting events, dram shop matters, negligent security, falls or otherwise.

Brain injury litigation is changing fast and becoming increasingly complex as the developing body of medical literature in neuroscience raises many new questions regarding how the brain functions and responds to trauma. The stakes are higher than ever as record breaking jury verdicts seemingly coincide with heightened mass media attention on NFL players and U.S. veterans suffering from CTE (a unique and distinct form of TBI that does not apply to the vast majority of claims filed).

Now more than ever defense attorneys must be ahead of the curve legally, medically and strategically to best defend clients from these potentially dangerous claims. The TBI defense team at Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi is well equipped with trained personnel, experience and resources to understand fully, manage effectively and defend comprehensively any kind of brain injury claim presented. The TBI team is led by our partner, Marco P. DiFlorio, who also lectures regionally and nationally about TBI (and CTE) defense.

We have experience working closely with top experts in the areas of neuropsychology, epidemiology, cognitive rehabilitation, neurology, physiatry, psychology, life care planning and beyond. We are able to minimize exposure to our clients simply because we understand the real issues at play in these types of cases and the many nuances associated therewith.

In addition to serving as trial counsel when defending TBI claims, the Firm's TBI team also serves as monitoring counsel for these types of claims nationally.

Please contact Marco DiFlorio at mdiflorio@srstlaw.com or call 215-606-6600 if you have interest in any of the following:

* If you wish to join our mailing list and receive a copy of TBI Defense FYI

* If you would like to discuss a TBI claim or otherwise have any questions regarding TBI defense

* If you are interested in disc ussing a TBI presentation for your company, firm, association or other organization. We offer customized training programs that can be tailored to your in-house needs.

TBI Defense Presentation (Sample Topics)

*The most expensive mistake typically made when defending TBI claims

*Real cases discussed where the defense saved millions in exposure per claim and why

*Do you know what you're really defending?

*You better know the difference between MTBI v. CTE v. PTSD

*How can seemingly trivial PTSD claims turn quickly into high exposure brain injury claims?

*Be sure you have ALL of the right experts and retain them ASAP

*Epidemiological studies that can neutralize even the most dangerous experts

*How to challenge Life Care Plan's (the largest portion of most catastrophic verdicts)

*Red flags to better ID real v. exaggerated v. fake claims

*Common dangerous defenses to avoid

*Know your exposure! Setting proper reserves

*Motions in Limine that must be considered before any TBI claim goes to trial

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