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Public Utility Litigation

In addition to providing litigation defense in a wide range of practice areas, we provide specialized representation to public utilities who are facing tort actions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our attorneys understand the technical nature of this work and continuously update their base of knowledge through client meetings, continuing legal education and individual study.

Further, we have developed a network of experienced experts who have a familiarity with utility related work. These experts allows us to focus our discovery and fully understand the often complex issues before entering into depositions, hearings and the like.

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Our firm has handled the legal concerns and litigation defense for various public utilities, including a large electric utility. Working with clients providing a wide array of fundamental services, such as heat, electricity, and water, we are sensitive to the public relations aspects of our cases. We not only handle the cases after they go into suit, but we also counsel our clients in this area in order to avoid litigation in the first instance.

The utility matters that we handle produce a variety of allegations and claims ranging from simple slip and falls to sever burns and electrocutions. Irrespective of the claims, we use our resources, expertise and experience to provide the best possible defense to our clients while continuously assessing each case for opportunities to reach a favorable resolution.

We understand that some situations can be negotiated, while other times, a client is better off protecting their rights in court. We work closely with each client and keep all options on the table while we pursue the best course of action.

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We are dedicated to providing professional, practical and cost effective representation to all of our clients. We are accustomed to traditional, as well as alternative fee arrangements to accommodate the diverse interests and needs of our clients. We will work hard to develop a legal strategy that provides immediate solutions while protecting your long term interests.

If you are interested in discussing our experience, representation or your legal needs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, please feel free to contact us

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